BF Goodrich Krawler T/A

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BF Goodrich Krawler T/ABF Goodrich Krawler T/ABF Goodrich Krawler T/ABF Goodrich Krawler T/A



    •    Ultra-aggressive deep-lug tread pattern
    •    Four nylon sidewall plies
    •    Race-spec carcass
    •    Brawny, solid sidewall lugs
    •    X-tra traction tread compound
    •    Rim protector

    •    Large, deep lugs – even deeper than Mud-Terrain T/A®KM
help provide exceptional traction in rock, mud and dirt.
Tread can be carved to tune performance to meet the
specific needs of the consumer
    •    One of the highest puncture resistant sidewalls of any
tire we’ve ever offered
    •    A super-tough carcass built like some of our off-road
racing tires. The lessons we learn in off-road racing are
built right into the Krawler T/A®KX
    •    Deep, large and solid sidewall lugs aid both traction and
puncture resistance
    •    Softer tread compound evolved from our years of offroading
experience. Conforms better to uneven surfaces, increases traction
    •    Improved wheel and tire protection from off-road hazards, especially during aired-down situations

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